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  • All programs include, if you want it: personalization, contact with me, food swap lists, habit tricks, progress evaluation.
Phase 1


If you are new to the ketogenic diet in general then I recommend that you do a short transition program. Cutting out carbs can be quite a change from what you’re used to eating and you will feel this. Our pre-keto programs will ease you into the diet and help you change your daily food habits. You will learn what keto is about, the abundance of food you can eat, and even have your first taste of the LFGF method!

Phase 2


Once you’ve gone keto, you can start the LFGF method! It is keto made easy,  based on food groups. I will determine the amount of servings per food group that you should eat daily, to reach your goals. Around these I will create a plan for you! Each weekend you will receive your weekly menu for the week. We will keep in continuous contact, I will be there to help you. Of course your needs can change over time so we can always switch things up within your plan.

Phase 3


You can follow the plans I can create as long as you like. Maybe you prefer the help and support, maybe you are ready to do it on your own. To make sure you don’t loose the progress you made we will provide you with you food group framework you can use to create your own meal plans.

Want to try out what it tastes like?

Keto recipes

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are the ultimate keto breakfast. Easy to make, filling and affordable ingredients. You can even prepare a big batch and keep smaller portions in containers in the fridge (up to 2 days) for a ready to go breakfast or snack.

Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee, a cup of coffee heavy on fat to keep you going for hours!

Coffee with cream

This hot coffee with a splash of heavy cream will taste like a treat and give you a boost of energy!