About me

My name is Susanne and I am a (data)analyst and researcher in social psychology (MScRes). Besides that I am super excited about food and the effects it has on the human body. Figuring out the ideal diet for different goals and body types fascinates me.

From personal experience I know that starting and maintaining a ketogenic or even low carb diet is difficult, but once you get the hang of it the benefits are fast and amazing. Which is why I want to help you try this diet and do so without big effort, but noticeable changes.

My goal is to help you try out something new that will help you. I want to give you guidelines that are easy to understand and quick to use. I figured out the framework and made it implementable, so that you can benefit by just making small changes in your day to day life.

Let’s connect and together we will decide how to get you started.

Tell me your hopes and goals!

Researcher & data analyst - Susanne
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Some fun facts!

I have 4 countries I call home
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Some fun facts!

One day I want to move to Cali
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Some fun facts!

Or move to Kauai in Hawaii
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Some fun facts!

I cherish my 2 maine coons
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Some fun facts!

My cheese addiction is a thing
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Some fun facts!

Big fan of hardstyle music
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Some fun facts!

Life skill- I pick the best restaurants
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Some fun facts!

I used to be a foster kitten mama
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Some fun facts!

My English is better than my Dutch
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Some fun facts!

Cannot function without my lists

My food story

I started to really look into my diet after getting a headache almost every day, on and off for I think, 15 years. I read somewhere that headaches could be food related and wanted to figure out if this could be my problem. I noticed that in the morning I would eat breakfast and have a huge peak in energy. Then around 10 I would get super hungry, tired, and annoyed. I would eat a small snack or fruit and figured I would be good until lunch time. But then around 11 the headache kicked in. Every. Single. Day.

I noticed a pattern:

Ate food = sugar level up = energy up = ready to go.
Food digested = sugar level down = headache = difficult & tired day ahead.

A continuous cycle that needed to be broken because it made focussing and even being kind difficult. You probably know what I mean if you often experience headaches as well. I first blamed my ever increasing amount of breakfast. That must be causing the peaks and drops, I thought. When I read about intermittent fasting I figured I had found my solution. I would just stop eating breakfast completely, skip the peak and drop in energy, and be fine. People thought I was crazy, who skips the most important meal of the day.

I remember the first day. Armed with a big jug of coffee I left my house and took the bus to go to my job. While waiting for the bus, I was about ready to faint. I knew that coffee stills hunger so I just kept drinking it. Made me more nauseous. Figured I could not work this way, had some food, felt like a failure. But I persisted and kept doing this. I can describe that period like a detox. I was so used to my sugary breakfast of fruit and oats, that my body had to relearn what it was being fed. Breaking a pattern is super difficult, but I was determined. I believed the intermittent fasting beats headache research. Skip breakfast, start the day with coffee and lots of water, and just try to eat a little bit later every day. And it worked.

I have not had a headache in about 4 years now! AMAZING. Obv. I still have those terrible ones after a night out.. 😉 but the continuous, daily, count on it headaches are in the past.

Researcher & data analyst - Susanne

My keto story

I figured that the peaks and drops in sugar intake were causing fluctuations in my energy levels. For me, headaches were the result. But for you this could be something else that feels uncomfortable. I was determined to find a diet that would keep my energy levels constant. As a researcher and analyst I love a challenge and started my research.

Eventually I stumbled upon the ketogenic diet and was excited to try it out as it focusses on cutting out carbs = sugar. I realized that this would mean a huge change in diet (where to even start, what to eat?!) but I began.

And now I have the whole diet figured out. It has given me so much more than just the headache release. I didn’t even expect any of it, but for me the most rewarding bodily changes are:

  1. Energy. I wake up and have so much energy. I don’t even understand it. I am a bit of a lazy type, but I wake up before my alarm and I am ready to go.
  2. Happiness. My mood is constant and excited. I am positive. I feel good.
  3. Dreams. They are so long and detailed! If you are really doing the keto diet the right way, you will sleep so much better. My dreams seem so realistic, and sometimes I feel like I can even influence them. Like, change the narrative. I didn’t even know it was possible but I love it. Getting enough hours of sleep is easier, you simply need less to stay energized.
  4. Looks. Not that I needed to lose weight, but I no longer feel bloated, puffy or blah after a meal. I no longer fart because I am not gassy anymore, ha. My weight is constant because of the amount I eat. But this also means that if necessary, a tweak in this amount will bring the desired change.

I know what it does for me. I know what it can do for you.

And that is why I want to help you!

What about you

I don’t know what your current situation is, or what your goals are (let me know!) but I do know that you would now be reading this if you were not ready to see some sort of change in the way you look or feel.

You couldn’t have found a better time than right now to do something about your health. My hope for you is that you can make the change that you are seeking, which is difficult, so allow me to be there for you.

You deserve to live a long, happy life with the people you love, in which you can reach those big dreams and goals you have. I know you have them. But perhaps you do not feel confident enough, perhaps not even deserving enough of it all.

It starts with how you feel about yourself, what you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. You should be the one that cares the most about your own health. And when you feel good, that is when you can really be present for others. You can help them, be there for them, interact with them as the most confident and proud version of you. When you feel good, I promise you that so many good things will come your way that you do not even think you deserve – but you do. You so do.

But in the end, YOU are responsible for making the change in your health. But let me help you make it fun, with a simple to follow plan. A plan that is highly productive in getting you towards your body goals, because be honest, you don’t have time to waste. You want it NOW!