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Ask me anything about the products, my favorite food, which plan I would suggest for you to try, anything! I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts.

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I am always looking for fun and interesting people to work with. Do you have an idea for something to set up together, that you think would be a nice challenge for both of us? Together we can create more and be helpful to more people, than by doing it alone. Let me know your ideas!

From my side, I am always looking for:

Recipes for my meal plans - maybe yours are a good fit?
Keto proof food items to include in my recipes
Someone to help me with eBook branding / design

Let me know what you want to do, also if I did not list it.

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You can contact me for a menu creation session (thinking of inviting your friends for keto party?!), as a recipe writer, a meal plan maker, guest blog post writer or for personal weightloss motivation. I would love to help you with more than just the programs I offer here.
Researcher & data analyst - Susanne