Hi there!

I am glad that you found me. I am so excited for you to get started, as I am convinced that my method will work for you. I cannot wait for you to get started and hear how it works out for you. 

I have created LFGF after trying out numerous nutrition guidelines and diets without ever finding a method that completely satisfied my needs. Time and time again I would get all excited, do the research, make a plan for myself and get started.

Finally I realized what my ideal program would look like, and thought it would be amazing if I could turn this into a real method. And that is what I have done. I am ready to share it with you, and help you reach your goals. You will be amazed by the benefits a low carb or ketogenic diet will give you.

My hope is that LFGF will give you more knowledge and an easy to follow framework so you can get started today.

To quickly get you introduced I have set up a mini course, where I will give a quick summary of what you can find here.

Here you can see what the pages of the mini course will show. And on each page you will also find a menu to move to the different pages.

Let’s go!


So happy to have you here! You can fold out the descriptions to read more.

2. WHY

I would first like to share why I created this diet method. What I find important in a diet, and which elements have shaped the method.


I will outline the order I suggest to follow when you are new to the method, to easy you into it.


The most important part of the method are the food groups. I will go into more detail about them here.


A general outline of the structure on which a plan made personally for you will be based, you will see the steps taken to create each plan.

On each page you will find this menu, use it to go to the different pages.

Mini course menu

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Let’s do this together, I am excited to meet you! 🙂