What order would you recommend to follow?

If you are new to this method, I would recommend that you go through the 4 phases that are described here. Of course, you are welcome to choose the phase that you think suits you best. We can always talk about this and figure it out together!
Phase One

Phase One: Follow the meal plans

Start by following the pre-made meal plans I offer. I do recommend to do this for a minimum of 4 weeks before moving on to phase 2, to get comfortable with your new way of eating, with the least amount of effort on your side. You could even do this forever if you prefer the ease of it.

Phase Two

Phase Two: Customize the meal plans

You can now start to swap food items to perfectly adjust the plans to your taste. You will now start to use our food group lists. These will make it easy to tailor it, while making sure your plan still works for you. An example of a swap would be if there is chicken on the menu, but you feel more like eating fish. Then the food group lists will help you in making the swap with the right serving size. 

Phase Three

Phase Three: Create your own meal plans

Start creating your own meal plan from scratch! Take some time (on the weekend) to create your own meal plan. You will receive the tools and guidance you need from me to do so, but most work will be put in by you. This means that you will be eating exactly what you like, while still making sure to stick to the principles. Phase 3 is not an excuse to go back to your old habits, but to take complete control over your meals.

Phase Four

Phase Four: Eat intuitively

You can now start free-wheeling it. By now you should have a good idea of what your body needs on a daily basis, and what food items will feed your body correctly. If you want, you can let go of the planning and start eating intuitively. If this doesn’t feel right you can always go back to a previous phase, just make sure to listen to your body and pay attention to any changes.

To summarize:

(1) follow the meal plans -> (2) customize the meal plans -> (3) create your own meal plans -> (4) eat intuitively.

It is up to you how long you stay in each phase: do what seems right to you. And as soon as you feel like you’re losing grip, you can always take a step back and re-group within one of the phases.

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