Why did you create the LFGF method?

I created this approach to the low carb & keto diet after trying out numerous ways of eating and finding out for myself what works best. I noticed a clear pattern, and started to share this with others. But to help others, the plan and tools you give have to be as clear, simple and easy to follow as possible. With that in mind, I created this method. Which I am convinced will help you reach your body goals as well!

Tasty happiness.

I derive happiness from good food. To satisfy me, each meal has to be be tasty and not only functional for health. I don’t want to notice that I have changed my diet.

Budget friendly.

I like to eat varied, and a lot. But I really want to keep it affordable because there are so many other things I want to do and see in life. So I try to choose budget friendly ingredients.

Food focussed.

I prefer a diet plan to be food-focused over exercise-focused. I think exercise should stay fun and not forced. It should be done to change how energized you feel, and not just to change your weight.

Easy recipes.

I like to be in the kitchen and enjoy cooking from recipes. But only when they are easy, quick, and have a short ingredient list.

I believe that in order to be successful, a diet should be simple. Not too much effort and lots of options. No food restriction, no counting calories, no diet shakes, no more reading labels for grams of protein per serving. The result: a super easy to follow weight method.

Mini course menu

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