Then what will my plan look like when I use the food groups?

Food groups will be the absolute core of your plan, your daily plan is completely created around the food groups. The following structure is behind each plan:

Overall target

You probably have a goal in mind, an ideal body type. To get there, you need change: you either want to gain or lose weight. This is done but either eating more, or eating less calories than your body will burn on a daily basis. So I will first calculate the number of calories you should take in on a daily basis, to reach that particular goal. You do not need to use or remember this, you only have to think in terms of daily food groups.

Your food groups

Your overall intake will be divided into a certain amount of servings of each of the 8 food groups. You will receive a number of servings of ‘fat’ you should eat daily, a number of servings of ‘lean protein’, etc. Your plan will be formed around these daily numbers. Might be a bit tricky in the beginning, which is why I offer complete ‘done for you’ plans.

Food group lists

There are 8 food lists, for each group there is a list. This list contains all the items you can choose from within that group. Let’s take the group ‘fat’ for example. The ‘fat group list’ will show everything that you can choose: oil, avocado, mayonaise, cream, etc. They are visual guides to help you choose your food, as well as the correct serving size.

Different serving sizes

Continuing with ‘fat’, let’s say you choose avocado as your fat. That doesn’t mean you should just eat a random amount of avocado. The food lists will also show you the right portion / serving size. Each item will have a specific serving size listed next to it. This listed amount, equals one serving of that particular food group. That way a particular amount of avocado, will give you the same amount of fat as a particular amount of oil: making them interchangeable.

The right amount

To make it extra easy, the servings sizes I use are also visual. I want you to imagine the amount of food, not measure it. To see the serving sizes as guidance, a way to remove strictness. Eventually it will be super easy to think of your food this way when buying or cooking. I use:

– A number of slices / pieces
– A tablespoon
– A cup / glass
– A hand

Recipes: tie it all together

All recipes I create, so everything on this website, as well as in the plans, are formed around the food group serving sizes. Each recipe will show you how to count it. This is what makes it so easy: the recipes you will be eating daily, together make up your daily amount of food groups!

Everything can be made just for you, so it will work perfectly, just for you.

Mini course menu

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